Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Graffick Designs Team Webpage is Here!

Finally i'd finish our Graffick Designs Team (GDTco) Portfolio website!

yeah, my coding skills is not good enough XD
here's the link if you want to visit "stalk" our company site, also for more feedback /suggestions or if you want to contact us for no reason you can email us:

Want become contributor to our team? you can join to our group page at facebook (

Our team creating variety of artworks such as vexel/vector designing, lanyard, t-shirts, logos, etc.

Kudos (Special Thanks) to the people help me out how to learn to code HTML CSS and Bootstrap at the same time, I don't mention your name here but you know yourself anyway.


My final plan for this blogsite:
1. Redesign the page
2. Create a domain (from to or any)
3. Make it active
4. MORE UPDATES TO MY DESIGNS both rchrdnthnls.psd and GDTCO thing
5. Re-name my boring tagline "Quality Tech and My Life Blog Site Thing"
6. and Much more
Coming soon i need to sleep and think.
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Monday, July 14, 2014

richardnathaniels is now in Brands of The World (

Oh really my logo is now recognized by Brands of the world?
When I was searching my name in the net I accidentally found my logo in this
A screenshot of my logo in Brands of the world...

My RAW logo.... :D

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Rule of Shades by RichardNathaniels (Vector Art)


"rule of shades" by richardnathaniels (by richardnathaniels remix)
1x1 portrait vector art
time of creation: 5minutes

"the rule of shades" (main) by richardnathaniels
1x1 portrait vector art
time of creation: 1hr

hindi ko pa na-uupload ito sa deviantart :D mukhang exclusive lang ito sa aking blogsite :D

For more vector and graphic related topic please contact me:

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Friday, April 11, 2014

10 Reasons that I don't like the Nokia X (Nokia's First Android Based Phone)

The Nokia X
Here are 10 reasons that I don't like this phone.

1. The Camera Department

A. Oh my God, No!!! flash!?

- Personally I like flash or LED flash in Mobile phones not only in taking photos but also I used as flashlight. Dear Nokia I like your Nokia XL but this Nokia X? why you remove that LED flash please take it back!

B. The camera is So!!! 2000 and 10 (2010) !!!!!

-  Yes i know this phone is a budget device but this entry level phone is like 2010 the camera is only 3.15MP the resolution very cute but the positive side this low range camera can take photos to instagram because of android based phone but the camera is very old and remembering of my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic with 2.0megapixel camera.

C. No Autofocus

- We all know that some mid range and entry level smartphones today got autofocus even if the phone has 5mp optics or 3mp on it but this phone don't have AF oh my giss -_- please if Nokia if you make a phone don't forget to put AF lens on your Mid Range devices.

D. No Front facing camera (Seriously?)

- What is the use of the skype in this phone? to get free calls along with paid Wifi connection or mobile data plan. Ok i'm fan of taking selfies no big deal to me but some selfie addict consumer will be complain this problem

2. The Design Department

A. Brick Like a Stone Brick

- This phone is very thick and bulky! This phone is like the midget mini version of  iPhone 5c with wonderful color and plastic-y materials to build! Next time that I build house i will use this phone as Brick Stone... Nah I Just Kidding :p

B.  PLASTIC-Y cheap look

- Again this phone is a budget phone but look the variety color of this phone just like a cheap toy i'm not a fan of colorful phone but I like the white and the black one but the green is much worst for me.

3. The UI (GUI) Department!

A. No On Screen Button But it has only one physical button the back button!

-  Oh my god! this is an android phone why do they remove the home button and the menu or window button? because Microsoft will get jealous?

B. Adapted UI from Windows phone?

- All the Windows Phone from Samsung, Huawei, and HTC don't adapt the Metro UI or Tiles UI in their Android phones but this Android Based Windows UI phone yuck is like a Carrot Shake

4. No Google Service at All!
- Out of the box you don't get Google service Bad for Average Google users.
5. Lack of Optimized Apps
- Very Laggy (Drop framephone)
6. Not friendly phone
- I hate the Nokia X Platform UI very very hard to understand to a noob users i would rather choose the touchwiz UI for Samsung :p
7. Very Very Beta software!
- The Nokia X Platform is new to Android OS so expect a Bug UI experience :p
8. Very Expensive for a Budget Phone.
- This Budget phone is very! expensive if I was you who addicted to design of this phone I will get Cherry mobile phone even the name is cheap but the Specs is decent.
9. Baby 512 RAM 
- My mobile task will kill this phone.
10. Outdated Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS
- All the mid range phone today comes with android 4.4.2

All in all this phone got 3 Stars to me ***
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

My (prototype) Page Template for my (Blog and My Own Movie Search Engine)!

New look of my Movie Engine site (Prototype)
this is prototype template of my blog-site! :D

This my first template prototype of coding with Adobe Dreamweaver and as my signature color i will concentrate for it.

if you want to help me in this project
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ReekNate Wallpaper :D


Aloha! I'm back! for another blog!

1. Blue Primo! 

this is my wallpapers enjoy (Right Click and Save Image As)

wait for another logo to be produced :D
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3D Designing Vs 2D/Mono/Vector/Vexel Designing

As far I know many logo and other design they upgrade/downgrade from 3D to 2D (mono color) like some famous and trending logo today like
Google chrome and other logo of the companies changing to 2D maybe this trend or the returning of 8 bit world. BTW me also i
encourage myself to change my style in 2D/Mono environment.

Reasons because i change my symbol/logo into 2D
1. Im very lazy
2. this is 2014 so lets switch!

My logo in 2013 to 2014 look the comparison

Now let see the old and new google chrome!

Also look the popular logo! the Apple, Inc.
Not only in logo but also in the modern UI today of mobile phones and other Operating System Like this.
The comparison of iOS 1.1.1 and iOS 7 the 2D/MonoUI UI is implemented.

Well Microsoft Adopt this idea

and the microsoft logo LIKE A BOSS!

All Windows logo from 1985 to 2012 back to 2D :D

In my opinion 2D/Mono design became the popular not on blazzing to the eye because of the modern world we takin 3D design is like
reality so they implement 2D/Mono design to make us cartoonize? well Designing Industry killing the 3D layouts!

maybe 20-30 years we will back in the DOS days

Like this.

Before I end my blog this is my quote for this year
No 3D, More 2D!

Thanks Guys Peaceout!
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